A Lifelong Passion…

My passion, and  experience in the cigar industry, has led me to create some of my own blends. First, the Vartan, emerged in 1999, and was judged by patrons and connoisseurs alike as one of the finest cigars available. When the tobaccos for this rich blend disappeared, I launched my second effort – the Natasha, named for my first grandchild. The rare tobaccos employed in this creation were also limited, and this well received blend sold out as well.

I am very pleased to announce the creation of my latest blends. The new Vartan and the Vartan Zoravar, the more full bodied of the two. Both of these blends boast complexity and nuances which can only be conveyed by fine, aged tobaccos, and the expert hand craftsmanship of the maker. Fortunately, the availability of tobaccos for these two styles promises to remain for the foreseeable future. I hope you will come to appreciate the complex tones and  richness of these exquisite blends. If  you enjoy them as much as I do, you will be truly enchanted and satisfied.

Best wishes and have a smoking day, Vartan Seferian.

Vartan Blend

The Vartan is a mild to medium bodied cigar full of complex flavors, beautiful aroma, some floral notes, and a very nutty finish.

It comes with a warning: “You might get used to it.”

  • Filler: Dominican
  • Binder: Dominican
  • Wrapper: Connecticut-Habano Hybrid grown in Ecuador

Boxes of 25 come in 4 shapes:

  • Churchill  48×7
  • Belicoso  52×6
  • Piramides 52×6
  • Robusto   50×5

Zoravar Blend

The Zoravar blend is a very full bodied cigar. Rich in complex flavors and spicy yet very smooth because every tobacco is aged for a minimum of five years.

It has a beautiful bouquet with hints of cocoa, coffee, cinnamon, and a strong nutty finish. The Zoravar is a great after-dinner cigar.

As usual, it comes also with a warning: “You might get used to it.”

  • Filler: Dominican
  • Binder: Connecticut-Habano Hybrid grown in Ecuador
  • Wrapper: Cuban seed grown in Nicaragua

Boxes of 25 come in 4 shapes:

  • Churchill 48×7
  • Belicoso 52×6
  • Piramides 52×5
  • Robusto 50×5


From the time I was a boy, I have been seduced by the sweet, aromatic tones of cigar smoke. I could have followed my elementary school principal down the corridors blindfolded, using only my nose. He regularly made his rounds through the school with a Churchill protruding from his jaw.

When, as a young man, I emigrated to America, I brought my love for the mystery and richness of the cigar with me. After fifteen years in medical sales, I retired to pursue the passion of my leisure time. I opened what I modestly believe have come to be known as some of the finest cigar retail stores in the country, Ambassador Fine Cigars, in Arizona.